Surprising traits of the family dog ​​Golden Retriever

Surprising traits of the family dog ​​Golden Retriever

A great family friend, affectionate and playful... Golden dogs are often preferred by people who want to have a pet. With the ability to quickly learn over 10 commands, there is more information about these dogs that will surprise you.

Retriever from the lake and its characteristics
Golden retriever dogs were first bred around Scotland in 1865. Wavy Coated Retriever, a combination of Newfoundland and Irish Setter, yellow colored, smart, with very good hunting skills and a good swimmer, "Nous"; In 1865 he was Brighton's only yellow pup.
Nous was bred with "Belle", a now extinct Tweed Water Spaniel. Belle gave birth to 4 puppies. These four puppies are known to be the ancestors of today's golden retriever dogs.
 Known as the "Golden Straight Coat" in those years, golden retrievers have easily taken their place among the most popular pet dogs thanks to their excellent communication with people and their openness to learning.

Features of the breed of retriever dog from the lake
These dogs are among the top ten most preferred dogs by dog ​​owners. These dogs are especially wanted to be fed by families. Golden Retrievers quickly act and get used to being a family member.

Male golden retrievers are larger than females. In general, they are around 30-35 kg. Color tones are yellow-white mixed light-colored dogs. They can live up to 10-12 years if well cared for.

Features of the Golden Retriever Dog breed
Intelligent, friendly, calm, well trainable are the right words to describe a golden. It is a complete family dog. He communicates warmly with every member of the family. He is friendly and protective. But it cannot be said that he is a good watchman. It is the most acquired family dog ​​in the world.
In addition to all these good habits, of course, there are also habits that make it difficult to maintain. The difficulty depends entirely on the attitude of the owner. When they are left alone and unloved, they start to misbehave to get attention like any child. These mischiefs can wreak havoc on your home. Pillow shredding, seat biting, cable gnawing, etc. In short, it does what you don't want. The hunting dog spirit in him makes the golden retriever active and active. It needs daily exercise. Because they are very friendly, they can never be watchdogs.

Golden Retriever traits
It would not be wrong to call your golden retriever dogs the best family dog ​​in the world. Golden dogs are known for being very gentle with children, and they get along very well with your other pets. These dogs are highly intelligent and can be trained very easily. There is no animal lover whose love he cannot win thanks to their eagerness to please their owner, their sweet appearance and their obedience. They do not have a habit of attacking, but they like to bark at you when a stranger comes to your house.

  • Friendly, warm-blooded.
  • It needs love and attention.
  • Regular exercise should be done, at least 1 hour a day.
  • He cannot wait.
  • It has a protective feature, but it doesn't go much beyond barking.
  • Intelligent and very easily trainable.
  • Learns more than 10 commands very easily.
  • He is a good swimmer.
  • Hunting features are developed.
  • Because their hair is long, they need daily combing.
  • It is used in tasks such as tracking, narcotic dog, acute dog, guide dog, hunting dog.

Golden dogs are very active and demanding dogs. When left unattended for a long time, they misbehave and can make your home or garden a little messy. If you get enough exercise daily, they can easily adapt to apartments. They love to fetch horse games on your daily walks. Thanks to their intelligence and being easy to train, Golden retriever dogs also serve as tracking, hunting, retrieving prey, narcotic dog, explosive and bomb disposal dog, acute, guide dog, police dog.

The best traits of Golden dogs
The Golden Retriever is the most popular dog breed today. Although their name is golden, the first examples of dogs of this breed are actually black. Today, golden dogs with black color are still very common in some places. In addition, one of the characteristics of this breed is that it is one of the most frequently looked after family dogs. In addition, in terms of features, it was ranked 4th in the tests according to the results obtained in the most intelligent dogs, that is, the IQ test. The Golden Retriever is a breed that is eager to please its owner, as well as having a loyal and self-confident character.
  • The Golden dog is known as the “nanny dog”, it is great with children.
  • Golden retrievers get along very well with other dogs and cats.
  • It is kind to strangers.
  • It is a very obedient dog breed.
  • One of the most playful of all dog breeds, he simply loves to play.
  • They are affectionate dogs not only towards their owner but towards everyone in general.
Golden Retriever physical characteristics
This breed is a well-built dog with fur that can vary in color from cream to gold. The outer hairs are generally waterproof and the inner hairs are very dense. While the structure of their heads is examined towards the tip, the mouth part, which can still be considered wide and strong, is large. The teeth in general are scissor-like and have prominent protrusions on the forehead. The eyes of this breed, which has a dark color, are brown. Physically, their ears are medium in size and set low.
  • Hair is straight or medium wavy.
  • Feather colors are golden or cream tones.
  • Their tails are long and straight, often not held in a curl.
  • While the general weight of Golden Retriever dogs is between 29 kg and 34 kg in males, it is between 25 kg and 29 kg in females.
  • Their height varies between 56 cm and 61 cm in males and between 51 cm and 56 cm in females.
  • The average lifespan of Golden Retriever dogs is between 10 and 12 years.
  • Their noses are always black in color.
  • Medium-sized ears are set low.